Ivory 0.2

5 months ago

And thus, two weeks ahead of schedule (I'm trying to get a release out every month, no promises tho', life has a way of catching up to me sometimes), Ivory 0.2.0 is out. I've just released it on the Google Play Store as well, so it should land in your phones soon.

Notable changes

  • Redesigned notifications timeline
  • Ability to reply to a toot
  • Ability to boost and favourite toots
  • Ability to sign out of your currently signed in account

What's next?

You can always take a peek at the milestones of Ivory on Github to get an idea of what's coming up next. But to summarize the things to achieve for the next release;

  • Ability to open a toot and see its conversation
  • Pull down to load new content
  • Scroll to bottom to load older content