Introducing Ivory

6 months ago

Turns out I really-really like building things and while Bieno, the note-keeping app I'm making, is sitting stable with it's last 1.3.0 release that brought along the ability to search through your notes (and I conveniently forgot to blog about it, of course), I have started working on another app - A client-app for Mastodon - A decentralized social network that is most familiar to Twitter that I like a lot, and recently started using.

However unsatisfied with the design choices of the available Android apps for the platform, and curious if I am actually able to build an app for another platform, with all of its moving parts, I set out to create a well-designed, easy-to-use app. The result is a early-access version of the app (currently at 0.1) that does not exactly let you do much, but the little it does, it does beautifully. Go and check it out, and I'd appreciate some feedback if you will.

I'll do better and try to blog about all the updates to my creations from now on.